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Grande Vale do Coa

The Greater Côa Valley

The Greater Coa Valley represents a significant fluvial corridor, with about 140km of extension. From its source, at Mesas Mountain (Sabugal) to its mouth, in the Douro River (Vila Nova de Foz Coa), this river crosses the plateau area of Beira Interior, which corresponds to the end of the Iberian Meseta. In the past it [...]
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Malcata Mountain

Malcata Mountain Natural Reserve Malcata Mountain is part of the municipalities of Penamacor and Sabugal, near the border with Spain, at the confluence of Beira Baixa and Beira Alta. Geographically, it corresponds to the continuity of Sierra de Gata, on the other side of the border. With an area of 16348 ha, it is a [...]
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Alvão Mountain Natural Park

Alvão Mountain

ALVÃO MOUNTAIN NATURAL PARK Offers an unusual setting for those who want to explore it intimately. Known for its villages of great architectural value, as Lamas de Olo and Arnal, it also presents geomorphological and scenic aspects of great value, such as the waterfalls of the Fisgas do Ermelo and Galegos da Serra. Created in [...]
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Mondego Estuary

Mondego Estuary

Mondego Estuary represents the last stage of this river since it starts at Estrela Mountain. In this sector a number of important aquatic habitats harbour an interesting diversity of birds. Of these places, the Special Protection Area of Paul do Taipal, in Montemor-o-Velho, stands out. In this wetland we can find several species of ducks. [...]
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Tejo Internacional Nature Park

Tejo Internacional

Tejo Internacional Nature Park covers the international section of the Tagus River with its main tributaries, the rivers Aravil, Erges and Pônsul, and covering an area of ​​more than 26 484 hectares. The forest cover of the park is mainly formed by forests of Cork and Holm oaks. It represents an important nesting area for [...]
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Serra da Estrela Nature Park

Estrela Mountain

Portugal's summit With almost 2000m above sea level, Estrela Mountain is the highest mountain of continental Portugal. Imposing and spectacular rocky landscape, it is deeply marked with the scars left by the glaciers of erstwhile. Furthermore, it features mountain-specific habitats and numerous endemic species of plants and animals, some of which do not exist anywhere [...]
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Douro Internacional Nature Park

Douro Internacional

This internacional Nature Park comprises the border section of Douro River and the last kilometers of the Águeda River, also in its international section. Corresponds to an area of ​​85150 ha, covering the counties of Miranda do Douro, Mogadouro, Freixo de Espada à Cinta and Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo. Douro is one of the largest [...]
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