Documentary on the Côa Valley

Documentary on the Côa Valley

Last 14th May, an episode of the show 3 op Reis, from the Dutch TV channel NPO 3, premiered. This episode is dedicated to Rewilding Portugal and the work that this association has been developing in the Greater Coa Valley. Filmed last year, Wildlife Portugal was also in the spotlight, for the development of its nature tourism activity in this territory, particularly with vulture watching. 

For an online viewing, here is the link to the episode: https://www.npo3.nl/3-op-reis/14-05-2023/BV_101409413

The narration and presentation are in Dutch, but there is some dialogue in English. 

The highlight of Wildlife Portugal comes from minute 23:30 onwards.  

3 op Reis - Rewilding Portugal
3 op Reis – Rewilding Portugal
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