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The Iberian Rock Lizard

This curious reptile can be seen on the highest altitudes of the Estrela Mountain, taking advantage of the flat granite outcrops. It is an exclusive species to the mountainous areas of Cantabria and Galicia (Spain) and Estrela Mountain (Portugal). It is therefore an Iberian endemic. In Portugal, the only population of this reptile occurs above [...]
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Zêzere Glacier Valley - Estrela Mountain

Zêzere Glacier Valley

Summer image of the Zêzere Glacier Valley About 30,000 years ago, the appearance of this location was considerably different. Provided by the strict Wurm climate, Estrela Mountain reached its glacier peak in the highest altitudes. The mass of ice that carved and covered the Zêzere Valley surpassed 300 meters thickness. This one was fed by [...]
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Autumn landscape at Estrela Mountain

Estrela Mountain isn´t just snow!

The area surrounding Manteigas, in Estrela Mountain Natural Park, impresses with the most spectacular autumn of Portugal, becoming the “Mecca” for nature photographers. This year, Wildlife Portugal had the opportunity to take some customers to photograph this wonder of nature. We share a link with a selection of Estrela Mountain images, held in all seasons […]

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Red-backed Shrike at Estrela Mountain

Somewhat rare and located in Portugal, the Red-backed Shrike (Lanius collurio) occurs mainly in the north of the country, in the highlands, occupying meadows and pastures with hedges, wooded landscapes or thickets. It was considered a population at Montemuro as reference nesting further south, but the sporadic observation of one or another individual in Estrela [...]
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