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Vilar Maior

Vale Carapito is located near Vilar Maior, a village with medieval features, situated on the northern border of Sabugal municipality and close to Spain.
Crossed by the Cesarão River, a small tributary of the Côa River, this valley contains natural values characteristic of the territory. The riverside gallery of ash trees runs through meadows where some cattle and Roe Deer still graze. The slopes are covered with Pyrenean Oak woods. Along the way, countless species of birds can be seen; dragonflies and Mediterranean terrapins take refuge in the aquatic corridor and various species of butterflies hover over the flowering meadows.
Complementing the rich natural heritage, there is the history and built heritage of Vilar Maior, with the 13th century castle standing out from its highest point.

Vale Carapito Rewilding Portugal
Illustration of the Carapito Valley by Xavi Reñé

Vale Carapito is also a rewilding area, where Rewilding Portugal has been acquiring land and managing it for nature conservation. Recently, a small herd of the rare Sorraia breed of horse was introduced here. This is also part of the territory covered by the Life Wolflux project, whose aim is to promote the ecological and socio-economic conditions necessary for the survival of the sub-populations of Iberian wolves south of the Douro river, allowing this species to fulfil its functional role as a top predator.

Vilar Maior castle
Vale Carapito Rewilding area
Sorraia horses


Duration: about 3 to 6h

Extension: 4,5 km to 9,5 km

Type: circular



Can be done during the entire year. However, in Summertime attention should paid to the high temperatures. Nevertheless, part of the route is somewhat forested and with some shade.


For this activity you need comfortable footwear (preferably mountain or sport boots), pants, windbreak and other clothing adapted to the season and weather forecasts. Hat and sunscreen. Take water (at least 1,5L) and individual snack consisting, among others, of sandwiches, fruit or energy bars, nuts.

The planned program may undergo some changes if the weather conditions are too adverse.




FULL DAY: up to 4 participants – 185,00 €

HALF DAY: up to 4 participants – 130,00 €


For bigger groups and other conditions, contact us. 

The price indicated includes guidance, transportation from Guarda or locally (if applicable) and insurance.

Booking a place is only guaranteed if 50% of the registration fee is paid.

A discount equal to VAT is available for private clients.
VAT will be added to the indicated prices for companies and other entities.



Through the contacts available, indicating your name and cell phone contact/email.

The reservation is only guaranteed upon payment of 50% of the registration fee.

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In the course of our activities, we are committed to safeguarding the environment, minimising environmental impacts and reducing pollution.

By carrying out this activity, we support the management and conservation actions that promote the coexistence and return of wild species to the Greater Côa Valley,

under the management of Rewilding Portugal, through a financial contribution.

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