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Greater Coa Valley

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Documentary on the Côa Valley

Last 14th May, an episode of the show 3 op Reis, from the Dutch TV channel NPO 3, premiered. This episode is dedicated to Rewilding Portugal and the work that this association has been developing in the Greater Coa Valley. Filmed last year, Wildlife Portugal was also in the spotlight, for the development of its […]

Documentary filming at our vulture hide

A few days ago, we had been helping on a new documentary production, this time for a Dutch producer, Sugar Rush Film, that wanted to include a few scenes from vultures at the feeding-station. So, after an early start, with a detailed preparation, we had to wait a while for the main actors. The rainy [...]

Commitment to the principles of Nature First

Recently, Wildlife Portugal joined the initiative Nature First - The Alliance for Responsible Nature Photography, a community that seeks to alert to the impact of nature photography, promoting the protection and preservation of the natural world through inspiration, education, and seeking to bring together all those who produce photography and video in nature - empowering [...]

Rewilding training and certification

  Rewilding training for tourism In November 2020, taking advantage of a period of limited activity and preparing for the post-Covid future, we took part in an exclusive online training course promoted by Rewilding Europe in partnership with the European Safari Company and Nature Tourism Development to train guides on the rewilding philosophy in its [...]