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Commitment to the principles of Nature First

Recently, Wildlife Portugal joined the initiative Nature First - The Alliance for Responsible Nature Photography, a community that seeks to alert to the impact of nature photography, promoting the protection and preservation of the natural world through inspiration, education, and seeking to bring together all those who produce photography and video in nature - empowering [...]

Rewilding training and certification

  Rewilding training for tourism In November 2020, taking advantage of a period of limited activity and preparing for the post-Covid future, we took part in an exclusive online training course promoted by Rewilding Europe in partnership with the European Safari Company and Nature Tourism Development to train guides on the rewilding philosophy in its [...]

Rewilding Portugal and Wildlife Portugal

In the course of a partnership between Rewilding Portugal (RP) and Wildlife Portugal (WP), RP recently published a video about their work in the area, with a special focus on the conservation of the Iberian Wolf. WP has participated in this documentary by exemplifying how nature related business, in this case nature tourism, can be […]


Autumn is also the time for some wild fruits, like chestnuts, which is common and well appreciated in many mountain areas of Portugal. It was of major importance on the rural communities of the old days, as it represented an important source of food that could be used throughout the year. Nowadays, chestnut woods represent [...]

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