With a profound knowledge of Portugal’s natural values, we seek to spread and promote this wealth through nature tourism activities, arousing the curiosity and awareness of our costumers for these aspects and to the importance of preserving this heritage. Our specific activities of observation, photography and nature interpretation are combined with the hikings that we carry out, becoming an enriching experience from a physical, psychological and cognitive point of view.


WILDLIFE PORTUGAL is the brand created by Fernando Romão, responsible for the nature tourism and wildlife photography activities we developed in Portugal. We organize specific programs for the observation and interpretation of nature (bird watching, for example), hiking, photographic tours and wildlife photography – in particular through photo-hides. We have created and are managing a hide for vultures in Faia Brava Reserve, a private protected area with which we have a cooperation agreement. WILDLIFE PORTUGAL also has the support and backing of Rewilding Europe, a European foundation whose mission is to promote the creation of more spaces for wildlife and to promote nature tourism in these natural areas.

Legally licensed by Turismo de Portugal, reference number 248/2016, WILDLIFE PORTUGAL is also recognized for nature tourism, as most of its activities take place in the National Network of Protected Areas, particularly in:


Alvão Natural Park

Serra da Estrela Natural Park

Douro Internacional Natural Park

Tejo internacional Natural Park

Serra da Malcata Natural Reserve

Serra do Açor Protected Landscape


We have joined the Portuguese brand NATURAL.PT, precisely for working in these network of natural areas.





Rewilding Portugal
Foge comigo


A percentage of the profits from our activities go to nature conservation actions in the Greater Côa Valley


Grande Vale Do Coa
Nature First Bronze Partner