Hide for vultures fully operational!

Hide for vultures fully operational!

It is now working in full and with great results, our hide dedicated to the photography of vultures. Located in Faia Brava Reserve, on the Côa valley, this hide is integrated in the Reserve’s vulture feeder and it was supported by Rewilding Europe. We start feeding and testing the structure since last March. Our first costumers were presented with records numbers, just 2 weeks ago, when 50-70 Griffon vultures were joined by 7-10 Black vultures and 4-6 Egyptian vultures!

Besides the three species of vultures, it is common the presence of Black Kite, Carrion Crow and Raven.

We had already 2 sessions last week also with great results and we have some images to show.

This is a great time to visit our hide for vultures at Faia Brava!

Get more informations here: HIDE FOR VULTURES

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