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Griffon Vulture (Gyps fulvus)

Photo moments through our hide

Griffon vultures drinking water One of the most interesting photo moments we get through our hide for vultures. On warmer days, the vultures do not refuse the water we use to fill the natural cavities of the rock. After a fast meal, nothing better than water to push down the food. More information about our [...]
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Hide for vultures

Hide for vultures fully operational!

It is now working in full and with great results, our hide dedicated to the photography of vultures. Located in Faia Brava Reserve, on the Côa valley, this hide is integrated in the Reserve's vulture feeder and it was supported by Rewilding Europe. We start feeding and testing the structure since last March. Our first [...]
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Nature Tours & Wildlife Photography

Hide for vultures getting ready

At Faia Brava Reserve, the hide we are building for vultures is almost ready. We will finish the construction fase during December and, in January we'll start testing it. This structure will give support to 5 photographers and one of the main features is the large window with special glass, to allow more inner confort [...]
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